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Together We Can Win Against Disproportion
When we struggle to meet the basic need of food, shelter, and clothing, the pursuit of creative expression may seem to be illogical. Redeemed Arts believe that no matter a person's financial situation, educational background, or cultural experiences, creativity belongs to everyone. As part of the Redeemed Arts Community Experience, we work with several community resource providers. Our goal is that no person is left behind through the many facets of art. A few of our programs are listed below to make this a reality.

  • Clothing Closet: Resource to provide new and gently used clothing for employment, school, and other special needs
  • Career Services: Job fairs and consulting services to support residents at greater risk of being "employment adverse."
  • Live Events: Temporary employment opportunities for inexperienced creatives, audio/visual technicians, and general labor/hospitality professionals
  • Transportation and Meal Services: Support our shut-in neighbors, homeless, and medically challenged residents
  • Community Arts: Diverse art programs to encourage employed residents to create with the homeless community
  • Small business and artist incubation programs
  • Health and Wellness programming to support the fight against obesity
  • Youth Delinquency awareness and prevention programming
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