Our Story
We are a multi-genre art and entertainment group committed to bringing entertainment, culture, education, and community to our most under-resourced and underserved residents.

Offering an open community space for artists, residents, non-profits, and for-profits, we believe in diversity in all capacities. For the Redeemed Arts LLC family, it is all about bridging the gaps that tend to strain the relationships in our communities.


Redeemed Arts LLC is the creative vision of Artist, Entrepreneur, and Saint Louis native Louis D Hall. What started as an intimate weekly open talent showcase in a small, chic, & industrial lounge in the South Lamar District of Dallas-Fort Worth evolved into a real passion. The birthing foundation of what would eventually become Redeemed Arts spawned from that lounge. Local and nationally recognized Spoken Word Poets, musicians, visual artists, models, fashion designers, and comedians shared their gifts each week.

After nearly 3-years, the showcase shifted gears and found its way to Tampa Bay, Florida, and for 6-years, Louis traveled between Florida and Texas, building the vision of the still not realized Redeemed Arts LLC. In the great state of Texas, Louis offered youth workshops in visual arts, creative writing, and drama. He also participated as a talent in several local community theaters in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. In Florida, Louis continued to host weekly showcases throughout the Tampa community. Producing nearly 300 events, he partnered with several non-profits and the public school district to create opportunities for the underserved community.

In 2016, formal operations paused, and rebranding took effect. For 12-months, Louis and Tiffany, his wife, researched how Redeemed Arts would exist, and in April of 2017, the Redeemed Arts Community Experience (R.A.C.E.) vision manifested. The first production under the Redeemed Arts LLC brand was an original stage performance written by Louis. As community-driven individuals and as a company, Louis and Tiffany donated all production rights to a local non-profit and volunteered their talents to co-direct and produce the performance. The objective was to assist the organization in raising funds for its resource center. Redeemed Arts is not just an arts organization seeking to share a few pictures or performances. We are here to create a lasting and life-changing community experience.
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