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  • Our Core Values Focus Wholey on Your Core
  • Innovative and Challenging Training Methods
  • Professional Certification With Personal Dedication

What is R.A.C.E Fit & Fun?

R.A.C.E. Fit & Fun is not your typical health and wellness company or fitness center. As creatives and business leaders, our team is committed to inspiring our communities to live holistically healthy lives. Our infrastructure adds value to your fitness journey while supporting our exceptional community gyms, fitness centers, and private training groups.

Our core operations reside in two very specialized areas.

  1. Fit & Fun organizes community health and wellness competitions, challenges, and socials designed to engage each resident, no matter their fitness level or experience.
  2. Fit & Fun provides physical conditioning programs designed to prepare individuals for fitness competitions and challenges.

These events can be 5K runs, stair climb challenges, mud runs, or any other fitness challenge one may desire to conquer. Whether you participate in one of our community fitness programs, need a more specialized preparation regime, or want to enhance your already solid workout program, R.A.C.E. Fit & Fun is here to join in that journey!
The Athlete's Story - 2021 Endurance Challenge
The Greater Saint Louis' 2021 Endurance Challenge hosted fitness fanatics, athletes, soldiers, & veterans as they laid their bodies on the line!

What Does Fit & Fun Offer?

We Help You Reach Your Goal
The R.A.C.E. Fit & Fun is not here to replace your full-service fitness center. Instead, we serve as a supplement to the work you have completed. We specialize in supporting your conditioning, weight loss, and weight gain need as you prepare for your next competition.

We are excited to be a partner in the journey with targeted routines to build endurance, speed, strength, and other critical components of your wellness! 
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