Joining A R.A.C.E. Live Performance!
Redeemed Arts as a company is not just forwarding thinking. We are committed to setting the tone for what it means to embrace and empower individuals and communities to harness the greatness of diversity in all forms, including workstyles. Together, we create The Redeemed Arts Community Experience, which includes our career services and support industry efforts.
What To Expect
Our service to the community matters and remains a priority in all we do. With the performing arts being an essential component of our outreach initiatives, we consider performers continuously throughout the year. Our process is thoughtful and intentional because our expectations are defined and vital to our ability to serve the community with TOP talent entertainment. We are a team of eclectic personalities and talents determined to live out our core values on purpose.
What Do You Need To Bring?
Our goal is excellence in all that we do. For this reason, we ask that you come with the same motivation! Whether this is your first time acting or you have performed on stages small and large, we are dedicated to holistically healthy experiences and desire team members to be as well.

Below are a few highlights to consider when joining the Redeemed Arts family:

  • A personal dedication to leading with integrity, grace, and compassion.
  • A desire to serve your community, company, and self in the most holistic way possible.
  • A demonstratable top-tier capacity for excellent communications internally and externally.
  • A commitment to excellence personally, professionally, organizationally, and operationally.
  • A team player disposition with a defined commitment to performing with the audience in mind.

Skills as a performer, artist, designer, or technician are essential. However, our objective is holistic career partnerships, and well-defined soft skills or interpersonal skills maximize the overall experience.
We are currently seeking performers to join us to produce "Message To A Journey," a live performance trilogy. Production will begin in Greater Saint Louis with potential travel contingent on COVID-19 developments.

NOTE: Preference is to talent local to the Greater Saint Louis region as we do not currently provide travel or lodging accommodations to Greater Saint Louis. However, travel and lodging are available during tour dates once a cast member.
Male Performers
  1. Black Male* - Late 20s or Early 30s - Strong & Versatile Singing abilities - Skilled in Dramatic and Comedic performance
  2. Black/Hispanic/Other Male* - Late 20s to Early 30s - Sarcastic, fun-loving, and emotionally unintelligent but a very loyal friend - Should be able to deliver a Spoken Word/Poetry
  3. Black Male - Early 30s - Character has a solid and confident presence - Strong & Versatile Singing abilities - Has a father-like disposition
  4. Open Race/Ethnicity* - Early 30s to Mid 30s - Character is very compassionate and commanding but has moments of timidity

*Character may double or continue through to other storylines
Youth Performers
  1. Male/Female (Black/Bi-Racial) - 10 to 12 - Must have good comedic timing and authentic childish sarcasm
  2. Female (Black/Bi-Racial)* - 8 to 10 - Mature, sneaky, and sarcastic
Female Performers
  1. Open Race/Ethnicity* - Mid to Late 20s - Character has a loving but sneaky disposition
  2. Open Race/Ethnicity* - Late 20s to Early 30s - Character has a motherly disposition but is very self-serving with signs of borderline personality
  3. Open Race/Ethnicity* - Late 20s to Early 30s - Character is genuinely kind but has a deeply broken past. Must also express great compassion, empathy, and forgiveness in the face of adversity
  4. Open Race/Ethnicity* - Late 20s to Early 30s - Character is sarcastic and abrasive but authentic
  5. Open Race/Ethnicity* - Early 20s to Mid 20s - Character has high confidence presence NON-SPEAKING ROLE

*Character may double or continue through to other storylines
General Performers
  1. Male or Female - Age Open - Character has a gentle and kind but very commanding presence
  2. Male or Female - Age Open - Character has a mischievous, domineering, combative, and persistent presence
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