the city
Cultivating a diverse and vibrant community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

We believe that the arts are continuously emerging as a necessary catalyst in shedding light on economic development, quality of life issues, diversity awareness, and community wholeness. With experience from across the country, we have found that cities actively utilize arts initiatives to attract creative workforces, develop and sustain tourism, and, most importantly, revitalize neighborhoods.

As Redeemed Arts considered the communities we have engaged in over the years, we realized disparities exist. Our vision for each city held as a home base is to build a genuinely inclusive arts community resource. No longer can art be an afterthought of decision-makers.

As we create partnerships and support the community, we desire to make each city a place of choice to work, live, and create as visitors seek out the creatives in our town. Beyond this, the development of arts education attainable by the underserved and underrepresented will continue as our mission to bridge the cultural and economic gaps.

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